A professional artist that dedicated her life to art, Shana mastered a variety of media and techniques along the way to developing her unique art style. Throughout her artistic career, she has participated in a number of group art shows and hosted solo exhibits in Europe and North America. Aside from her artistic career, she also contributes to her family’s business, Palette Art Classes, where she shares her rich experience with her students. Learn more about Shana and her artwork here | |


After graduating as an art teacher, Nina worked in the field of advertising and became a member of the Designers’ Union in 1990. Later on, her creative career took a turn when she became a fine artist, working with galleries throughout Canada and the United States. Currently, Nina teaches her own set of classes within her family’s art school. Learn more about Nina and her artwork here | |


Costa has drawn inspiration for his prolific works of art from board travels and his abundant life experiences as both a visitor and resident of numerous countries around the world. Born in Russia in 1968, Costa developed his unique brand of art through his extensive schooling at the Art College and the Academy of Arts in Moscow. His passion and talent for art was recognized by Russia’s Union of Young Artists when he received the Development of The Year Award in 1997. Costa’s art has achieved international recognition. It has been featured in many private and public exhibits on European and North American stage, and has been sold to many private collection in Europe, the United States and Canada. Learn more about Costa and his artwork here | |


A professional painter for over 30 years with a background of art and design, Oleg specializes in merging the two disciplines into one. His abundant knowledge and skill in interior design, wall murals, applied arts and digital design give him the ability to guide his students to the best results. Oleg leads the portfolio preparation classes for any art and design related institutions. Learn more about Oleg and his artwork here | |


Irina works with different types of polymer clay and loves to explore new materials. With air-dry modeling clay, she is creating fun and colorful figurines and compositions. Using cold porcelain Irina creates unbelievable flowers of all kinds that look extremely lifelike. From baking polymer clay, she designs countless pieces of jewelry, fairy tail heroes, beautiful figurines, creates decor for picture frames, vases and much more. Irina is courageous, passionate and excited to share her knowledge of her craft with others. Her passion for art comes through in her work. She discovered the wonderful world of polymer clay in 2011. Irina has a particularly strong interest in plants and flowers. She further developed this interest by researching it on the internet and finding very realistic work which she admired. Those flowers were made from air dry cold porcelain. Soon after this, Irina decided to go to Moscow, and study at Fleur School, One of the highest regarded schools in Russia. She received a Master of clay diploma specializing in decorative plant and flower design. After that she came back to Toronto. It was just the beginning of her polymer clay journey…. Very soon after, Irina discovered other types of polymer clay that was for baking. She fell in love with this amazing, water resistant and very durable material. It allows for very diverse and multi-purposed use. By this time, Irina had gotten her first young students. Seeing the big smile on children’s faces is very rewarding for Irina. Kids can learn how to design their own jewelry for themselves or make a priceless gift for their loved ones. At the current moment, Irina is teaching art classes and making her unique handmade pieces of jewelry for sale.


Tamara is an artist and Art Teacher. She graduated from Yerevan University (Master of Fine Arts), and Saint Petersburg Art Academy. Tamara has more than 20 years’ experience teaching visual arts in different schools in Toronto and the GTA, and Colour Wheel Art School as well.