Realistic Still Life Masterclass with Klaas Hendrik Hart

Dates & Time:
Nov 17, 2018 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm (3 hours),
Nov 18, 2018 from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm (6 hours).

: Using still life as its subject, this master class will focus on describing concepts of good painting practices and how to achieve them. The success of a good painting depends on a sound understanding and performance of each stage of the painting process. Any one stage can be seen as simple in and of itself, but it is the combined effect that is impactful. If each stage is not successfully executed in succession, it is difficult to go back and fix after the fact. As you progress through the stages with care, the cumulative effect creates a strong and convincing result.


Stage 1
Students will design a composition based on a set up provided by the Studio.
Over the toned acrylic canvas, a careful study will be drawn, observing the mass of the objects as well as the play of light on their surface.

Stage 2
Using black and white acrylic paint, the play of light and shadow will be further described. This will be based on a high key, 4 value design scheme that brings out the contrast of the composition. This establishes the underpainting.

Stage 3
A coloured glaze (in oil) is applied over the dried black and white underpainting.
This brings the painting into a colour key and establishes the harmony of the shadows.

Stage 4
The colour palette is selected and mixed based on an in studio discussion “The principles of colour harmony”.

Stage 5
The selected palette is applied over each object in the composition. Light and mid-tones are applied more thickly while the shadows are applied in a semi-transparent manner.

Stage 6
Once stage 5 is complete, careful attention/observation is given to each object to develop its form and volume. This stage can be the most time consuming.


16x20 canvas (approximately)

Pre -toned at home (in acrylic paint) to a light middle grey value


Brunt Sienna (W/N)*

Sap Green (W/N)*

Ultramarine Blue

Yellow Ochre

Venetian Red

Titanium White                                                                                                                                

*Please note: brunt sienna and sap green need to be from Winsor and Newton. The other colours can be from any brand.


Acrylic black and white paint

Variety of brushes

Odourless paint medium (Liquin)

Palette paper


Palette knife

Charcoal pencil / willow/ or Conte brand pastel pencil

Cost: $ 270.00 (plus tax)