Concept Design Ongoing Classes


Video games! Comics! Animation!

None of these things can ever come to be without meticulous research, planning and of course, solid concepts. Concept design is the process of sifting through visual material, putting all your ideas on paper and filtering through what looks good and what doesn't before finally stiching together all your ideas into a final design that suits your needs. In the Concept Design Classes, students participate in the creative process of thinking of and expressing all their design ideas in stunning illustrations that clearly communicate their vision.

Design a world!

In our Concept Design Classes, each student is given a design document written by the instructor containing an overarching story. Our students are tasked with designing specific characters, scenery and creatures for this narrative and then arranging them into more professional formats or turning them into attractive final concepts.

The theory.

At Palette Art School we pride ourselves on our more systematic and academic approach to teaching art. Even less traditional styles of art are heavily rooted in knowledge and method. Individuals who want to know the how and why of drawing will find themselves at home and in good hands as they learn all they can about character design, creature design, background art, etc.

Don't know how to draw people? Have no clue what perspective is? Nervous about watercolours? Our instructors are knowledgeable in all these fields and will help you learn quickly and easily. If you need some extra practice to build up confidence before tackling the final piece, we will be happy restructure our teaching to work at your pace.

"I'm applying for an animation program and need a portfolio!"

Sure thing! Although the main curriculum of the program is designing elements for a prewritten project, we have an abundance of students that come to our school with specific goals in mind. Students in need of portfolios are able to work on portfolio pieces and receive much-needed guidance! We have much experience helping our students create excellent portfolios for animation and concept art programs all over the continent. So whether you're in need of layout art, object drawing, portraiture, character rotations, figure drawing, painting or anything else, your instructor will be able to aid you.

Pencils, paper, paints and palettes.

All necessary materials are covered by the school tuition for your convenience so you need only bring yourself to class! Below is a complete list of all materials that our school covers:

  • Pencils, charcoal, soft pastel, oil pastel
  • Ink, watercolour paint, acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes, palette knives
  • Newsprint, watercolour paper, canvases (16"x 20" max)

Should you find that you prefer to use your own brushes and paints, you are free to bring in your own supplies. Want to learn oil painting or work on a huge canvas? No problem. Though these supplies are not covered by tuition, you are free to bring your own materials and our faculty will teach you how to use them.

Bonus benefits!

All active Palette Art School students will enjoy the following added perks:

  • An online gallery to feature your artwork on our site
  • 15% discount off all items in our on-site art supply store

Looking to enroll?

We'd love to have you. Take your first step to enrollment by familiarizing yourself with our school terms and register using the class schedule.

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