Measuring Geometric Shapes.

Top 5 Drawing Mistakes.

Top 5 Drawing Mistakes.

The Illusion of Depth Contrast, Aerial Perspective and Form.

Anatomy of the Spine.

The Skull Bones and Features.

Human Head.

The Basics of Drawing. Cylinder.

Meditation for Artists. The Automatic Drawing Technique.

How to Draw like Kim Jung Gi.

Training Yourself to Draw From Imagination. Peter Han.

How to Draw Trees with Pen and Ink


Fixing Mistakes in Acrylic and Oil Painting.

Portraiture. 3 Color Zones in the Face.

Understanding Oil Whites.

Slow Drying Medium for Acrylic.

Mixing Chromatic Grays.


Watercolour Painting Demo

Seascape Watercolour Painting.

Portraiture Watercolour Painting.

Without Sketch Landscape Watercolor