Are you thinking of applying to an art or design program?

Right-on! It's time to think about how to build a winning portfolio!

Anyone considering becoming an artist or designer must not only be a creative thinker, but be skilled and knowledgeable. Why not get ahead of the game and start learning the basics, improving your skills and building your portfolio now?

Here at Palette Art School we'll help you prove that you're the one who deserves to be chosen among the masses of applicants. Throughout the last 12 years our instructors at Palette Art School have assisted many kids, teens and young adults with portfolio preparation for all kinds of art and design programs at many educational institutions ranging from high schools to colleges and universities.

Visit our portfolio preparation page on our site to see portfolio artwork samples as well as time management guides. Check the approximate time required for specific pieces to get a better understanding of the time-frame you have for your portfolio.

Keep in mind that the earlier you start, the smoother it'll go!

Portfolio Preparation Class

About Palette Art School

Palette Art School is a place where you not only can get touched by beauty, but you can get involved in the creative process of this beauty. It is a place where you can learn drawing techniques and gain a further understanding of color theory and composition basics. You can discover your talents and develop your creativity; find your own style in art. It is a place where you can enrich your life and even prepare for a future career in the art and design fields.

Here in Palette Art School, we teach not only kids and teenagers, but adults too. Our methods are based on classical European traditions of painting and drawing, and has also adapted to the North American art styles.

We give basic art grammar for beginners and help evaluate your artistic abilities. We assist in preparing an art portfolio for those who choose an artistic career and want to continue their art or design education throughout high school, college or university.

Registration Terms - Questions and Answers

Can I join Palette Art School in the middle or in the end of the semester?

Sure! We would love to have you.

When you register in the middle or end of the semester, you will only be charged for the classes there are remaining for you in the semester.

Can I register for classes on a drop-in basis?

Nope. We register students on a semester basis only.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for the school?

You can find the complete and up to date terms and conditions for the school on the enrollment page on our site:

Are there classes during the summer time?

Yes, there are. For those who will attend classes during months of July and August, monthly payments will be introduced so students have the option to attend classes for one month (if they are going on vacation) or both. If the student was enrolled in our classes in the spring semester and would like to come back after the summer semester is over, skipping the summer semester will not be treated as the student “dropping out”. Students will continue their classes after the summer semester is over without needing to re-register for fall.

What is a registration fee?

The registration fee is an obligatory non-refundable one-time payment taken to cover school administration expenses upon registering a new student.
The current registration fee for the 2018-2019 school year is $40.00 +tax.

Do I need to be re-registered every semester?

No, you do not. Once you are registered for ongoing classes, you are a student of Palette Art School continuously for any time-term you would like, no semester or annual re-registrations are required unless the student has quit classes at any point.

What are ongoing classes?

Ongoing classes are classes that a student attends every week on the schedule slot that they have registered for. These classes happen year-round and tailor themselves to the students.

For kids, we focus on building up a basic foundation and focus most on developing their familiarity and creativity when approaching art. We allow them to work in a variety of media such as paints, markers, pencil crayon and pencil. We teach them of different famous artists and do exercises to explore these artists’ styles. We teach them to sketch from life and explain basic rules on construction, shading, perspective etc. During painting exercises we teach them colour theory and how to mix paints and combine colours to make appealing choices.

For teens, we focus on building up the student’s foundation while working with their interests and needs. If the student has no experience with art, we work from the ground up. If the student has some background in art, we begin to teach them more advanced techniques. We give wide variety of assignments in a wide variety of media to challenge students in every aspect of art and to find any gaps in their knowledge which then work to fill. Assignments include still life, figure drawing, creative exercises, gypsum sculpture studies etc. We work in media such as charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolor, acrylic and more.

For adults, we determine if the student is attending to gain academic knowledge or if they are simply here to explore their creative sides. We tailor ourselves to our students so those that attend to learn will get the knowledge they require to become professionals in the field and so those that wish to take on a more casual approach to their studies will be able to do so with help from our amazing staff. Assignments tend to very from the more academic to the more creative depending on what the student in interested in painting or drawing.

Is there a registration fee for returning students.

Yes, there is. For returned students, who dropped their attendance for a month or longer, the re-registration fee will be reapplied on their return.
If a student does not attend our classes for the summer semester or parts of the summer semester and would like to return to our school, the registration fee will not be applied. This is the only exception to the registration fee rule.

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Holidays & Breaks

Summer Break
1 Jul 2024 - 3 Sep 2024
school closed
Thanksgiving Day
14 Oct 2024
school closed
Remembrance Day
11 Nov 2024
school closed
Winter Break
23 Dec 2024 - 6 Jan 2025
school closed
Family Day
17 Feb 2025
school closed
March Break
10 Mar 2025 - 16 Mar 2025
school closed
Easter Monday
21 Apr 2025
school closed
Victoria Day
19 May 2025
school closed

During a March Break (March 11 to March 16) our operating hours may be changed. Please call for more information at 905-738-7889.

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