Courses are specified areas of study (eg. Live model drawing course, Photography course…) over a set time span, usually 1-3 months, throughout which our instructors will work with students individually, to improve their artistic abilities and to gain further knowledge in the specified areas. Students are benefiting from a more focused area of study and can utilize one on one time with the instructor.

Life Drawing Foundations
with Kristine Danilyants

Join us at Palette Art School for a 4-day journey through figure drawing foundations this July. The Life Drawing Foundations workshop is a crash course on how to approach the human figure artistically and will include lessons on life drawing techniques, human proportions, skeletal landmarks, muscular anatomy and more. Material is to be taught via a mixture of lectures, handouts, and hands-on charcoal-to-newsprint practice featuring a live model every class. Please be advised that live models will be dressed in minimal clothing for students to study as much of the figure as possible.

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Cost: $ 390.00 (plus tax)