Life Drawing Foundations
with Kristine Danilyants

Join us at Palette Art School for a 4-day journey through figure drawing foundations this July. The Life Drawing Foundations workshop is a crash course on how to approach the human figure artistically and will include lessons on life drawing techniques, human proportions, skeletal landmarks, muscular anatomy and more. Material is to be taught via a mixture of lectures, handouts, and hands-on charcoal-to-newsprint practice featuring a live model every class. Please be advised that live models will be dressed in minimal clothing for students to study as much of the figure as possible.


DAY 1: Saturday July 6th. 11:00AM - 2:00PM (3hrs) - Techniques and Proportions

Students will learn how to approach their first figure drawings using various methods and familiarize themselves with average human proportions. As the focus of this class is shorter, more fluid, gestural figure drawing, time per pose will be on the shorter side resulting in a fast-paced sketching experience.

Includes a life drawing session with a live model.

DAY 2: Saturday July 13. 11:00AM - 2:00PM (3hrs) - Muscles of the Torso

Students will learn about the major muscles of the trunk of the body. Lectures will cover the appearance of these muscles, where they originate and attach, and how they move. More time will be given per pose so that students may put what they learn into practice and have the opportunity to observe the figure.

Includes a life drawing session with a live model.

DAY 3: Saturday July 20. 11:00AM - 2:00PM (3hrs) - Muscles of the Limbs

Students will learn about the major muscles of the arms and the legs. Lectures will cover the appearance of these muscles, where they originate and attach and how they move. Smaller muscles will be grouped together into larger, easier to understand masses for ease of learning.

Includes a life drawing session with a live model.

DAY 4: Saturday July 27. 11:00AM - 2:00PM (3hrs) - Full Class Drawing Session

The final day of the workshop consists of a class-long life drawing session with a live model. The model will start with a series of shorter-timed gesture poses. Time per pose will lengthen gradually as the class goes on. The instructor will be present for feedback throughout the work period as usual.


Students are to bring their own drawing materials for the class.

All materials may be purchased from our on-site art supply store when you arrive at the school. Students of this workshop will receive the Palette Art School 15% off student discount on their purchases for the duration of the workshop. The offer applies to all products in our store.

Required materials

-Newsprint Pad (18”x 24”). You will need approximately 3 pads for the duration of the workshop.

-Conte Sketching Crayons (2B preferred). Compressed charcoal is a satisfactory substitute, but it tends to be crude by comparison.

-Willow/Natural Charcoal or Vine Charcoal (Excellent for soft smudgeable shading)

-Kneaded Eraser

Other materials of interest (Optional, only to be used with longer length poses.)

-White Conte Crayon or White Charcoal Pencil (For highlights). White Soft Pastel is a great alternative.

-Lead Pointer/Sandpaper Block (Mandatory to sharpen charcoal pencils or pastel pencils due to their brittle lead)


What is life drawing?

Life drawing or figure drawing is the art of sketching the human figure. It is the study of movement, structure and form from a reference, typically a live model. Models strike dynamic poses for artists to capture on paper with the use of various drawing materials, primarily charcoal. Pose duration varies anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour, although the ones in our workshop will not exceed 15 minutes.

Why should I learn life drawing?

There are many benefits to life drawing. Through life drawing, you will better your understanding of the human form, learn to apply the things you studied about the body to your art with increased accuracy, and eventually develop a muscle memory for drawing people. Life drawing also tends to improve hand-eye coordination, build work speed, and develop quick wit in students as they have limited time to capture their observations on paper. Therefore, while life drawing is the art of human form specifically, the good habits students develop during their practice will bleed into their other creations.

Additionally, compared to other forms of art, life drawing is immensely affordable. Artists will typically use inexpensive materials such as newsprint pads and charcoal so as not to concern themselves with ruining costly materials while they explore.


Cancellation 21 days or more from event date: 50% refund.
Cancellation 20 days or less from event date: No refund.

So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your figure drawing journey at Palette Art School this summer! Register now.

Cost: $ 390.00 (plus tax)