PORTFOLIO PREP - Portrait Drawing Course (Self-Portrait)

PORTRAIT DRAWING COURSE (4 sessions 2 hours each)

In this course, students will work to build a solid foudation in portraiture.
Course assignments include quick sketches of a model's head in various rotations and angles as well as extended portrait drawing (self-portrait).
After each class, the instructor will also assign homework for students' practice to better prepare them for the next class.

DAY ONE (2 hrs)
Head and neck rotation (pencil on newsprint, no shading)
Human head proportions (Gudonis head) (pencil on newsprint, no shading)

DAY TWO (2 hrs)
Skull sketching (pencil on newsprint, no shading)

DAY THREE (2 hrs)
Self-portrait (pencil on paper with shading)

DAY FOUR (2 hrs)
Self-portrait (continued)

*Drawing supplies are not included, but are available for purchasing at our school-in art supply store.

Cost: $ 160.00 (plus tax)